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Fiat Ducato Vans

Fiat Ducato Van

Fiat Ducato Van

Fiat Ducato for goods transport is a dependable and versatile ally. Compact and easy to handle, it can be had in a variety of versions tailor made for any type of goods: Panelled van, Glazed Combi van and Dropside Truck with body, with either standard cab or crew cab.

It has been designed to offer maximum comfort and power at minimum operating costs down to the smallest detail: from the styling of the body that exalts the vehicle’s functional characteristics, to the wide, luminous cab, offering car-like comfort, not to mention its appreciable loading capacity.

Signed by the Fiat Styling Centre, the design of the New Ducato has a streamlined appearance evoking the dynamism of high-speed trains. Italian style goes hand in hand with a rational, down-to-earth approach. Each and every design detail meets specific functionality and performance requirements.

The front bumper is a major element in the new design of the Ducato: strong, protective, wraparound, it consists of 3 parts that can be replaced individually if they get damaged in a crash, making for lower running costs.

Original and distinctive, the great headlamps make up a light cluster with a truly advanced look, projecting in the upward direction the dynamic lines of the front section. Their high position makes for optimised lighting and a reduced risks of their being damaged in the event of crash. The design of the front section, so compact and modern, expresses determination.

The vehicle sides feature clean lines and plenty of room for vehicle personalisation. Specially striking are the side mouldings that protect the bodyshell against small bumps.

The design of the rear section, with squared lines and the bumper connected to the side mouldings, gets across an impression of great sturdiness; distinctive, squared traits contribute to improved linearity and load space.

Inside, we find a car-like environment: the cab was fashioned with comfort as the prior consideration. The new inclination of the steering-wheel, the facia-mounted gearshift lever, the instruments legible at a glance and controls that can be readily reached and activated, make the driving comfortable and relaxing.

The driver’s seat can be adjusted longitudinally, for height and backseat inclination: the entire cab has been designed to welcome people of any build and to enable them to work most effectively.

Storage compartments, pockets, supports, writing boards and drawers help you to organise and keep at hand your documents and all the items you may need in your daily life, making the cab into a veritable mobile office.

To make the cab even more habitable, the engineering team worked on acoustic and vibration aspects to stop, absorb and dampen any noise or jolt directly at the source through ad hoc improvements to the suspension setup, the engines and the bodyshell, as well as through sound-proofing treatments. The results obtained are brilliant: interior noise in the Ducato cockpit is comparable to that of a medium-sized car.

Moreover, onboard climate is always ideal, thanks to a system designed for optimal distribution of air flows and the available of two climate control options (manual and automatic) and three extra heater configurations. Moreover, a reflecting windshield can also be had on request: it uses a laminated glass pane enclosing an invisible film of metal oxides that reflects a proportion of the solar energy, thereby reducing the heat that penetrates into the cockpit.

Fiat Doblo Vans

Fiat Doblo Van

Fiat Doblo Van

Versatile, intelligent and flexible, Doblò Cargo has the right solution for each and every application and 20 body configurations: panelled, glazed, with or without two sliding side doors, and two (glazed or panelled) doors or a tilting tailgate at rear.

It adapts to any task and anticipates your needs with surprising solutions. In its van version, Doblò Cargo comes in two trim levels, Cargo and Cargo SX, and in a range comprised of over 20 body configurations, some of them geared to specialist tasks: panelled, partly glazed, with top or side-hinged rear doors, two or no sliding doors on the sides.

Doblò Cargo is beautiful to look at, profitable to use: informal, gutsy and non-conformist, it is extremely attractive!

The clean design of the bodywork, styled around your space and comfort needs, conveys an impression of solidity and protection, reflecting the strong personality of the vehicle.

Inside you will find soft shapes, top-quality upholstery materials, a two-colour – dark grey and azure – facia, new, agreeable hues, carefully selected materials and fine details, adding to a passenger compartment where comfort and rationality are the salient traits.

Everything is within easy reach thanks to the numerous storage compartments, such as the handy tray under the ceiling. The two-colour facia accommodates the gearlever in an ergonomic position, the telematic console houses the Connect Nav or the Connect Nav+ (on request).

The dash houses the instrumentation with multifunctional digital display and Trip computer.

The high driving position makes for easier access, great visibility and perfect command of the road. All the seats are fitted with head-restraints, are adjustable for height and covered with a cool, washable fabric. The driver’s seat, in particular, can be equipped with a handy armrest, height and lumbar adjustment. The seats are divided from the luggage compartment by a strong partition wall.

Fiat Scudo Vans

Fiat Scudo Van

Fiat Scudo Van

First launch in 1996, the Fiat Scudo offers only one body, although two engines are available – a 1.9-litre naturally-aspirated diesel and a 2.0-litre JTD turbo. The Scudo was facelifted in 2004. Such are the vagaries of the used van market that buyers can pick up a used Scudo for less than the equivalent Peugeot Expert. Blame badge snobbery pure and simple – some buyers see Peugeot as a more upmarket brand than Fiat.

The Scudo is based on the old Fiat Ulysse MPV body, so can truly be called a car-like van. Despite the fact that the Ulysse has been completely revamped, the Scudo continues on the old underpinnings. The Scudo is built at the Sevel plant in Italy and rolls off the same production line as the Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert. Although the three vans are essentially the same, there are minor specification differences between them.

Although the Scudo offers seating for three, a rather intrusive dash, together with the gear lever, rather restrict space for the middle passenger. However, for the driver, the seat is superbly comfortable. The 2004 upgrade found even more improvements to the seat, with extra leg and back support. The middle seat folds down to reveal a handy desk complete with mobile phone slot and two coffee cup holders. The facelift also saw the old standard radio/cassette player replaced by a radio/single slot CD player.

The newer model was also treated to a different steering wheel and an extra layer of PVC under the floor and wheelarches, lowering cab noise at 60mph by four decibels, which may not sound a great deal but does in fact make a difference. Outside, the Scudo features rubbing strips on both sides, which will help protect it from annoying knocks and scrapes.

The 2.0-litre unit pumps out a lively 109bhp at 4,000rpm and 250lb-ft of torque at 1,750rpm, buzzing this van along at quite a lick, even when loaded. However, it is a very different story for the 1.9-litre, which struggles in un-turboed format with a rather paltry 69bhp at 4,600rpm and 125lb-ft of torque at 2,500rpm.

The Scudo was one of the first commercial vehicles to feature a dash-mounted gearchange and it is still one of the slickest on the market – changes can be made with one finger. Along with nicely-weighted power steering and ride and handling that belie its age, the Scudo won’t disappoint with its road manners.