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Peugeot Boxer Vans

Peugeot Boxer Van

Peugeot Boxer Van

The Boxer range of vans have been totally redesigned to work for your business, as well as your drivers. Because we recognise that no two businesses are the same, Boxer offers a range of models, available in different heights and lengths, plus a choice of three different HDi diesel engines. So you’re sure to find the perfect Boxer. And no matter which one you choose, you can be reassured that it lives up to the same values that every Peugeot is created around – style, practicality, dynamism and innovation.

So what does that mean to you? It means form that follows function: practical features like one of the lowest loading sills on the market, an interior that’s carefully planned to help you get the optimum use from it and large optional doors that open up to 270° to make loading up fast and easy. All designed into a vehicle that looks the business too. One that enhances your company’s image every time you take it out on the road. It means vehicles that you can trust.

Like all Peugeot vans, the new Boxer is built to the very highest specifications, ensuring reliability, durability and safety for all your precious cargoes, including your drivers.

Peugeot Partner Vans

Peugeot Partner Van

Peugeot Partner Van

Whatever your job, the New Partner Van can add a bit of individuality to your business as well as a professional look. It’s just as practical and reliable as ever, but now with its exciting new design, it looks even better.

From a choice of 2 badge levels, 2 payloads, 3 engines and with the addition of some attractive new colours to the range, the New Partner Van offers a specification to meet all your practical needs. So if you’re looking for a new van, the Peugeot Partner is the one for you.

Can something be comfortable, stylish and functional at the same time? With the Peugeot Partner the answer is definitely yes.There are clever storage spaces to make your working day easier, while optional air conditioning and a practical dashboard add even more to your comfort.

If you are looking for less strain when you’re driving around town, the variable power-steering makes short work of those tight parking spaces while the steering wheel mounted stereo controls make sure your eyes stay on the road. Even the electrics are more efficient with the whole network multiplexed and optimised for maximum efficiency.

But we know it’s the little things that can make a big difference – so you’ll experience automatic central locking when you’re driving and a remote control vehicle locator if you can’t remember where you parked.There are even intermittent windscreen wipers linked to the speed of your vehicle and a headlight delay security illumination that helps you after dark.

Peugeot Expert Vans

Peugeot Expert Van

Peugeot Expert Van

The Expert range offers a choice of multiple configurations. Among them you’ll find the one that’s right for you, that matches your personality and fits perfectly with your activity. Whatever your choice, Expert will satisfy your need for comfort, load capacity, durability and safety. Your Expert fits the bill perfectly: it is available in panel van, window van or floor cab versions.

Each model is available in two lengths (4.80 m and 5.13 m) and 2 heights (1.94 m and 2.27 m with standard suspension, reduced to 1.90 m and 2.20 m with pneumatic suspension) with an effective volume of 5, 6 and 7 m3. All models also allow body conversions.

Thanks to its pneumatic suspension, it offers the lowest load sill on the market.The loadspace is optimised and the wide rear doors open to 180° to facilitate access. With its exceptional handling characteristics, your Expert gives full expression to your professionalism.

Better than a business card, your vehicle reflects your professional image. Bearing the hallmarks of Peugeot elegance, it perfectly expresses your dynamism and reliability.