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VW Caddy Vans

VW Caddy Van

VW Caddy Van

There’s not much the Caddy van can’t shift. Take the powerful 104PS TDI PD for instance. With 250Nm of torque it’s designed to take the strain and get things moving. You can benefit from the Caddy van’s generous 724kg payload, or its trailer weight of 1,500kg.

Even when fully loaded, the Caddy van is well balanced and never feels out of control. With front and rear anti-roll bars, supple suspension and car-like handling, the Caddy van takes every road surface in its stride.

The Caddy’s standard safety features include an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Engine Braking Control (EBC) and Traction Control System (TCS) ensuring the Caddy van always stops as smoothly and safely as it drives.

Packed with practicality, the Caddy van load compartment combines versatile access with masses of load space.

Access at the rear is through asymmetric wing doors with a width of 1,181mm and height of 1,116mm. A useful tailgate can be specified as an option. Both tailgate and wing doors are glazed and feature a heated rear window with wash/wipe.

Side access is made easy through a nearside sliding door which opens to a width of 700mm and height of 1,108mm. When looking into the load compartment, you’ll be amazed at how much space we’ve managed to create. The Caddy van carries the most awkward loads with ease, with a load volume of 3.2 cubic metres, it allows a load length of 1,781mm, load width of 1,558mm and a load height of 1,257mm.

To ensure maximum protection for both contents and driver, the Caddy van load compartment is fitted with six load lashing points, half-height side-lining and a robust bulkhead to prevent loads from entering the cab area.

VW Transporter Vans

VW Transporter Van

VW Transporter Van

The versatility of the Transporter panel van is virtually unbeatable. After all, it’s been designed to be flexible enough to handle a wide variety of tasks, with a large number of models available for almost every specialist load.

Depending on your requirements, it can be supplied with a short wheelbase and a low or medium roof, or as a long wheelbase with a low, medium or high roof. The range consists of four gross vehicle weights, with payloads of approximately 800kg, 1000kg, 1200kg and 1400kg.

These are further complimented by load compartment volumes ranging from 5.8 m3 to 9.3 m3. With four powerful and economic TDI PD diesel engines to choose from, ranging from 84PS to 174PS, you’re sure to find a Transporter panel van that is perfectly suited to your business.

The functional layout of the load compartment in the Transporter panel van is designed to make work easier in every way. The rectangular shape of the body enables the best use to be made of the internal space, while the robust construction has excellent rigidity to help ensure that your Transporter will be around for longer and give you years of solid service.

Body options include a second sliding door, to add flexibility when loading or unloading, and a rear tailgate instead of the standard unglazed twin rear doors, which optionally open to an angle of 250° on long wheelbase models.

Inside the load area, you’ll find six or eight load lashing rings, according to wheelbase, to secure your load. When further capacity is needed, another useful feature is that the dual passenger seat back folds forward to help create extra space when carrying a longer load.

To aid driver and passenger safety, there are a number of robust bulkheads to choose from. These include low bulkhead or high bulkhead, with or without a fixed or sliding window. With two powerful rear load compartment lights, you’ll be able to load and unload safely whatever the lighting conditions outside. To protect your Transporter body as well as your load, full height load side-lining and rubber flooring can be specified as an extra to help extend the working life of your Transporter.

VW Crafter Vans

VW Crafter Van

VW Crafter Van

Choice is the key word for the new Crafter – it is longer, wider and higher, making it more versatile than its predecessor, and with a choice of three wheelbases, three roof heights and four load lengths, you can be sure to find a Crafter that suits your needs.

The Crafter is a highly functional, premium quality vehicle, which provides maximum driving comfort and exceptional road holding due to its newly developed chassis.

Offering a comprehensive standard specification, with the varying requirements of our customers in mind, the Crafter also has plenty of scope for bespoke solutions with a wide choice of options.

Despite its enormous size and load capacity, the Crafter’s common rail engine technology, its standard six-speed manual gearbox and additional cleaning measures such as the standard Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) keep its fuel consumption figures surprisingly low, ensuring that the Crafter is as frugal as it is practical.

Those that presume that the Crafter’s impressive practicality comes at the expense of performance would be mistaken. A completely new range of common rail diesel engines with a variety of power outputs mean that the Crafter’s performance and practical abilities are one and the same; impressive.